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Faaan, jag kommer att sakna dom...

I don't understand why it's so hard for me to accept that everything has to come to an end some day... I know that nothing lasts forever, and I always say that time passes too fast But still, it seems I can't help thinking like a child, thinking that the end is still far away and believing that some things will never be over...  But obviously, things come to an end...

Yesterday was the very last school day; we 'took studenten' ! The end of high school in Sweden is really something to live. First, I had the traditional student breakfast with my class at sara's place; then we went to school to get our grades, listen to some speeches, see some kind of shows, before going out of the school to meet our families (well for me, it was my hostfamily) who were waiting for us with presents! And then, each class got up onto a 'cart' (or whatever it may be called) and were driven through the center of Umeå. Unfortunately, it was raining quite much and everyone was freezing, so it didn't last as long as it should have done... Then i went back home, 'fikade' again with my family, got more presents (The Swedes give presents all the time) ... And finally, I met the whole class again at 7 to have a last class dinner. It was really nice, but it felt so weird to think that it was the last time I'd see some of them... i do hope I'll keep in touch with some of them, and anyway... I'll miss them all...

well, i intended to tell about the whole day with details, but it would take hours, so here are a few pics instead.





Anna, moi, sanna et Amanda (petit déjeuner) 

 // Hannes et moi sur le char des SP3 (ma classe)


 Ma soeurette Sigge et moi à la sortie, quand on rejoint nos familles.






// Carro et moi au dîner de classe.

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delphine 17/06/2007 11:29

trop forte les photooooos!! merci de nous en avoir posté quelques unes!!

KÎtch 15/06/2007 19:07

whaou!! j'aime trop la casquette!!!!! tu la ramènes?!

sestra 14/06/2007 20:31

Bravo. T'es double lycéenne maintenant (w Szwecji i we Francji). Gratuluje!BiZoubinous ma Zerbinette de soeurette....super chouette!

anne-ma 14/06/2007 19:46

parole d'oreiller: ma Claire c'est une bell'goss! et partout!!!!!!my friend: i love you