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Here I am again! I intended to write something yesterday but I really didn't have the courage to turn on the computer, find ideas, and so forth. So the monday-article has become a tuesday-article for this week; I do  apologize for this little perturbation =P

Let me start with writing about last monday and tuesday. Not that they were highly interesting days, but I have to try and write in a more chronological way, because I realised my "tales" are sometimes quite difficult to understand...(even for me). So...I actually don't remember a thing about what happened in my little life during those two days... I just went to school, spent huge sums of money buying poison-coffee and chokladbollar, laughed with my friends... As usual =)

On wednesday, though, I went to Stockholm for the first time since august. As i've probably written in some previous article, I was supposed to get there on friday to take part in the compulsory re-entry camp for all the  YFU exchange students. But Magali and I had planned to go there a bit earlier so that we could 'visit' Stockholm a little. So i left Umeå at 8.05 on wednesday,ready to face this 8 hour long way thanks to my MP3 player (tack så jättemycket, Lovisa)! i arrived in Stockholnm at 15.32 and met Magali there.What's weird when you are french but have been living in sweden for nine months is that when you meet a French person again, you don't even know hoa to say hello... You just stand in front of him/her and wonder: 'well, what should we do? Hug each other like in Sweden (and other countries) or kiss each other on each cheek like in France?? '  ... That's a big dilemma!  Well, we eventually hugged... it still felt less weird.  

Then, given that i hadn't eaten anything since breakfast and that my stomach was like yelling and aching, we went to a coffee and... drank coffe, of course (we're in Sweden, guys!). And started laughing even then, without any reason. As usual. Then, after having got back to the station again, we met nadine, who had just finished school, and we went back to her place. I'll skip the details now... The next day, Nadine had to go to school, but before that, we walked a while in Stockohlm, bought souvenirs (it's time we thought about it... there's not that much time left), etc.  Then, when nadine left us to go to school, Magali and I decided to continue hanging around in the city; but the thing is...we got lost after a few minutes and wandered outside the center of the town... before eventually finding the subway station again to get back to Slussen. Well, our feet were aching, our legs were like dead, and first of all, our need for coffee was getting stronger and stronger; but on the whole, we really had fun =P  And in order to relax after that really hard day (=P), Magali and i tried the 'sauna' at Nadine's for the first time in our life (or well, I had done it in january at marion's place, but it wasn't exactly the same kind of 'sauna'). It was sooo nice!

    On friday morning, all the exchange students were supposed to meet at the central station in Stockholm. Then we all took the buss for a 2 hour long trip to Barnens Ön , where the re-entry camp would take place. Well, I'm not going to write many details about that camp. I froze during the whole week-end, had fever and all... because we spent quite much time waiting outside, and it wasn't that warm.  But well, it was really nice to meet all the others again, to hear (almost) everybody speak Swedish, to talk about everything and nothing...  That was cool. But on the other hand, it felt quite weird so know that it was probably to last time we saw each other, given that the ones from the USA and Asia won't  take part in the YES camp in Berlin in july. .. But well, I hope I'll find opportunities to see some of them again anyway... like Emi from Japan, Kwan from Thailand, etc.


    By the way, exchange students are said be change a lot during their exchange year... It's probably true, but sometimes I get a bit scared at the thought that I may have changed in the 'wrong' way. I mean...in France, i use to laugh all the time, talk much, and so on...  Well, i do laugh and talk here, but it feels like I have it even more difficult than in France to express what I feel... Even when I feel happy and enthusiastic and all, I can't even show it anymore, and it's scary... because people think i don't feel good or whatever, even if it's not the case...  And i just don't understand why I've changed in that way... I hope it'll go back to 'normal' soon, when i'm back in France =/ 

Well, I've written quite much today, and i know it's really broing to read long texts about someone's life, so I'll stop for now.


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Louxx 27/05/2007 16:52

Vivi me revoilà, je suis pas mourrue. J'ai aussi eu mon re entry (comme raconté sur mon blog). Donc j'ai aussi eu le même blabla sur le changement.
Et, je suis aussi devenue plutôt calme alors que j'ai tendance à être sur le côté hstérique débile... Mais je pense que c'est juste l'influence allemande, plus le fait de pas complètement maitriser la langue. Parce que quand je suis aux séminaires YFU, je redeviens toute fofolle!!!! Trop bien!!!
Allez gros bisous!!!

KÎtch 16/05/2007 19:54

coucou ma clarinette!!! ça va?!
je suis dsl je passe ne coup de vent, donc j'ai pas lu ton long très long article, j'espère que tu m'en veux pas et puis faute avouée à moitié pardonnée!!! non?! je me rattraperai après le 22 mai!
grooooooooos Smooooouackkkk!!!!
ton pt'i kôtch qui t'adoooore!!!!!!!!!!

yep 15/05/2007 21:59

mouais.....je suis souvent prem's on the net quand meme. Et en plus, quand je manque a mon devoir, bah tu rales. Ahlalala.PS: moi aussi za plein de boulooooot

clairette 15/05/2007 13:15

Nan, je sais que mëme en France, j'ai jamais beaucoup exprimé ce que je ressentais.
d'où le 'even more difficult than in france'.
et t'as oublié un mot dans ta phrase 'ça m'empêche PAS d'être heureuse'.
et moi j'm'étais dit, le 13 mai à stockholm, il devrait faire beau et chaud! comme quoi, après 9 mois dans le nord de la suede, on croit que Stockholm, c'est presque comme Marseille... mais non...en fait.
bon, ben t'es peut ëtre prem's sur mon blog, mais c'es tparce que Claire (Kôtch) révise ses partiels, alors je lui pardonne son petit manque d'assiduité, et je te le dis: bientôt, elle sera re-prem's! nom d'une paire de chaussettes á pois...!
bisous quand meme.
et t'as souhgaité un happy birthday à michael comme j't'ai dit?
re-bisous. et mëme bizoubinou, pour le pas manquer á la traditions des soeurettes baudoux.

FFFFFF 15/05/2007 12:50

Et encore prem's on the net! So goooood!