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Encore des petites précisions

I came back home from school about half an hour ago and saw YFU had sent another letter to me. It was only to give me the e-ticket and some precisions about the flight and all. So I'm leaving at 9.30am from Paris (Charles De Gaulle) and arriving at Stockholm...

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No particular title

Today I decided to write in English, because some friends of mine understand neither French nor Swedish nor German. That's when you find yourself in this kind of situation that you get aware of how cool it is to 'speak' several languages :-p What's more,...

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Youhou, ça se précise!

Mesdames, Mesdemoiselles, Messieurs, Aujourd'hui est un grand jour dans l'histoire mon futur exil. J'ai enfin reçu des informations sur ma famille d'accueil suédoise! ...Et la ville, par la même occasion. Alors, dans 97 jours exactement, je serai l'heureuse...

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